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About Global Young Leaders (GYL)

GYL is about bringing people together in a peer-to-peer, non-judgmental environment around the meaningful life themes we all encounter. We create spaces that serve as mini-communities where people can momentarily strip away the external noise, pressure, and expectations that clutter the mind, so that we can connect to ourselves and others, learn about life, and see clearly what we feel, think, need, and desire. GYL is a place that fosters the exchanges of life experiences and approaches that are centered around you becoming better being you.

While we experience the positive effects of this daily through the programs that we host with independent groups of young people, schools, universities, and organizations all around the world, we came to the realization that we want this positive environment from our workshops to be continuously accessible anywhere, any time. To have a place where you can connect and tune in 24/7 with other individuals about life's experiences, questions and challenges, both big and small; a place where we can learn from one another and grow together.

We are very excited to share with you the launch of the
Global Young Leaders Community!

You Should Join our GYL community if you're looking...

  • For authenticity, realness, and a down to earth community in which you are accepted for who you are and seen as the expert of your own experience;
  • To connect to unique people of different cultures, backgrounds, and professional fields from all around the world, and to freely discuss the meaningful life topics we all think and care about;
  • To add value to the lives of others by sharing your experience;
  • To learn more about yourself, life and everything in between;
  • To find your own answers, solutions, and approaches to your life's questions, decisions, and challenges.

Check out the details below!

We've got a fantastic plan with cool features to keep you engaged and ready to go. 
Check it out at the bottom of this page.

Welcome and Thank You!

Thank you for deciding to join our GYL community! By joining this community of young internationals, you are dedicating time and space to yourself and for yourself to grow and develop as an individual. The shift you make as an individual, directly affects the people you interact with, the communities you are a part of, and we believe that when we take time for ourselves to grow, that we create our life in a way that fits our own desires and goals.

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