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Where you develop life skills to create life by your own design!

What is the GYL platform?
The Global Young Leaders Platform is an online life-skill platform aimed at assisting young people to create life by their own design - whatever that looks like. 

We do so by offering
1. A supportive community full of kind and motivated young adults from around the world.
2. High quality events and courses around key life topics that help you understand how life works (why things happen the way they do), develop skills so that you can manage and direct your life experiences, and inspiration so that you feel ready to go.

Specifically, we offer the following:

  1. 2x monthly personal, small group, roundtable discussion events centred around a life topic where all members of the group share experiences and come up with solutions and approaches together.
  2. 1x monthly larger speaker event where international young people share their story about how they're creating life by their own design, dealing with challenges, and lessons they’re learning along the way
  3. An ever-growing library of life-skill self-study courses around different life topics
  4. 1 on 1 chat with members
  5. Articles, videos, podcasts
  6. Access to premium group courses

What kind of topics does the GYL platform focus on?

And many more to come! Why have we chosen these particular topics?
These are topics that are central to the human experience and universal themes that everyone, no matter the background, interacts with on a daily basis and through a multitude of different contexts, situations, and experiences:

  • We create our life through our decisions.
  • We create not alone, but in a very dynamic environment (playing field) filled with all kinds of players that influence our decisions in supportive and discouraging ways. We need to be able to manage these influences effectively so that we can stay on our path confidently.
  • While we are creating life within the playing field there are many paths to choose from and input to listen to. How do we know what path is right/authentic for us? Our internal compass/intuition is our built-in guide that provides clarity and guidance.
  • While we are making decisions we come across challenges that are unique per person, are there for a reason, and represent opportunities for healing and growth.
  • As we interact with our playing field, change is a natural consequence that redirects our path in unexpected ways. How can we accept and embrace change instead of resisting it.
  • All of the events in our life are coloured by our mindset glasses that determine the way we feel, decisions we make, and the life we create. Thoughts lead to feelings, lead to actions, lead to results, lead to an entire life.

Since these topics make up a large part of life, once we understand them and have a toolbox with which to direct them, all of life becomes easier. The result is that the likelihood of creating your own success and happiness is increased.

Zooming in on events
In each event, we focus on different aspects of these topics. Here are examples:

The events are focused on exchanging experiences, challenges, and solutions together with the other members of the group. Regardless of where we come from and the type of life path we've had, we all go through similar category of experiences. It can be very beneficial to come together and exchange these to arrive at solutions together. What's interesting is that usually all the answers we need are already found within our own practical experience. Your experience often tells you what works or not.

Zooming in on courses!
The courses are self-study and cover many different aspects of each topic. Example:

Extra Premium courses
For those that want even more, we offer the opportunity to participate in a premium group course called the GYL Life Training Program for an additional fee. It's a 6 session course spread out over 6 weeks that you attend together with a small group (max 8) of international participants. We've had members from France, Zambia, Nepal, Peru, USA, Guadeloupe, Israel, Italy and many other places.

In each of the sessions you focus on one topic and build a toolbox to take charge over the topic. In the last session you design your focus and next steps for the near future based on all the insights and experiences throughout the course. In between sessions, you put to practice what you've learned in your daily life through small exercises.

The course has a very personal setting and the participant group starts to feels like a family. There's lots of room to interact with each other, speak, and share. More information on the premium course here.

Setting of the platform
At GYL we believe that all of the answers to your life's questions around what to do and how to move forward in decisions, challenges, situations are already within you. We have all just grown up in a society and world and learnt lessons that has made us forget that. 

This is why at GYL we create a setting where we intent to strip away as much external noise, pressure, and expectations as possible so that you can bypass the noise and connect with what you think, feel, need, desire, and thereby create room for your inner wisdom and insights to come to the surface. 

GYL is also not here to convince you about certain ideas or perspectives and is not here to teach you how to navigate life. After all, you are the expert of your own experience. You know yourself better than anyone. And very often, all of the answers are already within you. We just provide a space where you can can find them. Discover what works for you and you ultimately decide what you'd like to take from the platform back into your own life.

See you soon!

About Global Young Leaders
Global Young Leaders is an international organization with hubs in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Kenya, Pakistan, and India that works with groups of young people at schools, universities, and organizations to assist them in creating life by their own design through developing the life-skills they need to tackle their important life challenges and decisions. Our peer-to-peer programs target key topics that are central to life such as decision-making, well-being, change, mindset, soft-skill development, and real-world challenges. Through our workshops, life-training programs, hubs, and online community, we contribute to the resilience of young people so that they are equipped to lead and manage life, and feel empowered to create life by their own design.

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